Upgrade Your Website’s Login System

You can upgrade your website to use identity providers and to use an Account Chooser. The two approaches work well together, but can be done separately. However, adding an Account Chooser is much simpler, and makes it easier to add identity providers later.

Adding an Account Chooser is easy

Only the three simple steps listed below are needed (or see the developers guide):

  • Add the Account Chooser JavaScript file to your signin and signup page.
  • Provide an API on your server the JavaScript can call to determine if an email address is already registered.
  • After a user is signed into an account, call the same JavaScript to add it to the account list.

There are also products available to help add an Account Chooser to your website, including modules written for popular content management systems and web frameworks.

Next step: using Identity Providers

  • Increase signup conversion by making it a breeze to get an account
  • Make your website more secure by eliminating passwords
  • Integrate with social networks or corporate login systems.

Add support for Identity Providers to your login system.